Este article tracta sobre l'expansió de cartes de trading card game. Pels videojocs, vegeu versions Pokémon Robí i Safir.

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EX Ruby & Sapphire
SetSymbolRuby and Sapphire.png
Cartes en el set English: 109
Japanese: 130
Set number English: 16
Japanese: 18
Data de lliurament English: 18 de juny del 2003
Japanese: 31 de gener del 2003
Manolls Temàtics Ruby (FireFighting)
Sapphire (WaterGrass)
e-Card 4
e-Card 5
Booster Pack 1
Miracle of the Desert

EX Ruby & Sapphire (japonès: 第1弾拡張パック Booster Pack 1) és el nom donat a la primera expansió de cartes de la generació de les EX Series del Trading Card Game, introduint noves regles i nou disseny a les cartes, el quals s'usarien els quatre anys següents.


  • Aquest és la primera expansió produïda per Nintendo després de la transferència de llicència de Pokémon TCG de Wizards of the Coast.
  • Aquest va ser la primera expansió en introduir la 3ª Generació de Pokémon to the TCG from the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire games. This is also where the expansion and theme deck names originated.
  • El prefixe anglès "EX" es refereix a "extra", as in the extra power the newly introduced Pokémon-ex bring to the game. This is the first set to feature Pokémon ex.
  • El prefixe japonès "ADV" es refereix a "advanced", com en la nova generació de Pokémon brought to life with their release onto the Game Boy Advance. It is possible this is where the names for the anime series Pokémon Advanced, and the following seasons Advanced Challenge and Advanced Battle originated.
  • El disseny de les cartes va ser una vegada més canviat amb el llançament d'aquesta expansió: -
    • The borders became thinner and only supported room for one Dot-Code bar at the bottom. The Japanese card borders changed to a silver color while the English remained yellow.
    • Les cartes foren presentades with a new circle pattern, which features on the left side of the card.
    • The character window and evolution graphics changed from gold to silver and the Illustrator name moved from the bottom left corner to the bottom of the character window.
    • In the English release, the Energy symbols for attacks are smaller and are presented linearly (as the Japanese cards have always featured), as opposed to stacking them in columns.
  • En el Japó, this was the first set to have preconstructed half decks released alongside the main set, a new trend in Japan intended for quick and competitive play. Unlike the English theme decks, the half decks had their own symbol, numbering system and included cards exclusive to that Half Deck. For the English release, the cards exclusive to the Half Decks were combined with the cards in the main set.
  • L'expansió aparegué a finals del 2006 a l'estat espanyol traduïda al castellà. Before that, only the original three sets and the Neo Genesis set in the TCG had been translated.
  • A gap fou creat degut a Wizards of the Coast combining e-Card 2 and e-Card 3 to form Aquapolis, and combining e-Card 4 and e-Card 5 to form Skyridge. Therefore, the English releases were two behind in number.

Manolls temàticsEdit

Manolls temàtics anglesosEdit

Japanese Half DecksEdit

Spanish-Exclusive Half DeckEdit

Llista de cartesEdit

Expansió anglesaEdit

No. Nom de la carta Tipus Raresa
1 Aggron Metal-attack.png Rare Holo
2 Beautifly Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
3 Blaziken Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
4 Camerupt Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
5 Delcatty Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
6 Dustox Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
7 Gardevoir Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo
8 Hariyama Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo
9 Manectric Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo
10 Mightyena Darkness-attack.png Rare Holo
11 Sceptile Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
12 Slaking Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
13 Swampert Water-attack.png Rare Holo
14 Wailord Water-attack.png Rare Holo
15 Blaziken Fire-attack.png Rare
16 Breloom Grass-attack.png Rare
17 Donphan Fighting-attack.png Rare
18 Nosepass Fighting-attack.png Rare
19 Pelipper Water-attack.png Rare
20 Sceptile Grass-attack.png Rare
21 Seaking Water-attack.png Rare
22 Sharpedo Water-attack.png Rare
23 Swampert Water-attack.png Rare
24 Weezing Grass-attack.png Rare
25 Aron Metal-attack.png Uncommon
26 Cascoon Grass-attack.png Uncommon
27 Combusken Fire-attack.png Uncommon
28 Combusken Fire-attack.png Uncommon
29 Delcatty Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
30 Electrike Lightning-attack.png Uncommon
31 Grovyle Grass-attack.png Uncommon
32 Grovyle Grass-attack.png Uncommon
33 Hariyama Fighting-attack.png Uncommon
34 Kirlia Psychic-attack.png Uncommon
35 Kirlia Psychic-attack.png Uncommon
36 Lairon Metal-attack.png Uncommon
37 Lairon Metal-attack.png Uncommon
38 Linoone Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
39 Manectric Lightning-attack.png Uncommon
40 Marshtomp Water-attack.png Uncommon
41 Marshtomp Water-attack.png Uncommon
42 Mightyena Darkness-attack.png Uncommon
43 Silcoon Grass-attack.png Uncommon
44 Skitty Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
45 Slakoth Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
46 Swellow Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
47 Vigoroth Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
48 Wailmer Water-attack.png Uncommon
49 Aron Metal-attack.png Common
50 Aron Metal-attack.png Common
51 Carvanha Water-attack.png Common
52 Electrike Lightning-attack.png Common
53 Electrike Lightning-attack.png Common
54 Koffing Grass-attack.png Common
55 Goldeen Water-attack.png Common
56 Makuhita Fighting-attack.png Common
57 Makuhita Fighting-attack.png Common
58 Makuhita Fighting-attack.png Common
59 Mudkip Water-attack.png Common
60 Mudkip Water-attack.png Common
61 Numel Fire-attack.png Common
62 Phanpy Fighting-attack.png Common
63 Poochyena Darkness-attack.png Common
64 Poochyena Darkness-attack.png Common
65 Poochyena Darkness-attack.png Common
66 Ralts Psychic-attack.png Common
67 Ralts Psychic-attack.png Common
68 Ralts Psychic-attack.png Common
69 Shroomish Grass-attack.png Common
70 Skitty Colorless-attack.png Common
71 Skitty Colorless-attack.png Common
72 Taillow Colorless-attack.png Common
73 Torchic Fire-attack.png Common
74 Torchic Fire-attack.png Common
75 Treecko Grass-attack.png Common
76 Treecko Grass-attack.png Common
77 Wingull Water-attack.png Common
78 Wurmple Grass-attack.png Common
79 Zigzagoon Colorless-attack.png Common
80 Energy Removal 2 T Uncommon
81 Energy Restore T Uncommon
82 Energy Switch T Uncommon
83 Lady Outing T Uncommon
84 Lum Berry T Uncommon
85 Oran Berry T Uncommon
86 Poké Ball T Uncommon
87 Pokémon Reversal T Uncommon
88 PokéNav T Uncommon
89 Professor Birch T Uncommon
90 Energy Search T Common
91 Potion T Common
92 Switch T Common
93 Darkness Energy E Rare
94 Metal Energy E Rare
95 Rainbow Energy E Rare
96 Chansey ex Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo ex
97 Electabuzz ex Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo ex
98 Hitmonchan ex Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo ex
99 Lapras ex Water-attack.png Rare Holo ex
100 Magmar ex Fire-attack.png Rare Holo ex
101 Mewtwo ex Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo ex
102 Scyther ex Grass-attack.png Rare Holo ex
103 Sneasel ex Darkness-attack.png Rare Holo ex
104 Grass Energy E --
105 Fighting Energy E --
106 Water Energy E --
107 Psychic Energy E --
108 Fire Energy E --
109 Lightning Energy E --

Japanese expansionEdit

No. Card Name Type Rarity
1 Koffing Grass-attack.png Common
2 Weezing Grass-attack.png Rare
3 Sceptile Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
4 Wurmple Grass-attack.png Common
5 Silcoon Grass-attack.png Uncommon
6 Beautifly Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
7 Cascoon Grass-attack.png Uncommon
8 Dustox Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
9 Shroomish Grass-attack.png Common
10 Breloom Grass-attack.png Rare
11 Blaziken Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
12 Numel Fire-attack.png Common
13 Camerupt Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
14 Goldeen Water-attack.png Common
15 Seaking Water-attack.png Rare
16 Swampert Water-attack.png Rare Holo
17 Wingull Water-attack.png Common
18 Pelipper Water-attack.png Rare
19 Carvanha Water-attack.png Uncommon
20 Sharpedo Water-attack.png Rare
21 Wailmer Water-attack.png Uncommon
22 Wailord Water-attack.png Rare Holo
23 Electabuzz ex Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo ex
24 Electrike Lightning-attack.png Common
25 Manectric Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo
26 Mewtwo ex Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo ex
27 Ralts Psychic-attack.png Common
28 Kirlia Psychic-attack.png Uncommon
29 Gardevoir Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo
30 Hitmonchan ex Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo ex
31 Phanpy Fighting-attack.png Common
32 Donphan Fighting-attack.png Rare
33 Makuhita Fighting-attack.png Common
34 Hariyama Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo
35 Nosepass Fighting-attack.png Rare
36 Chansey ex Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo ex
37 Zigzagoon Colorless-attack.png Common
38 Linoone Colorless-attack.png Rare
39 Taillow Colorless-attack.png Common
40 Swellow Colorless-attack.png Rare
41 Slakoth Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
42 Vigoroth Colorless-attack.png Rare
43 Slaking Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
44 Skitty Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
45 Delcatty Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
46 Sneasel ex Darkness-attack.png Rare Holo ex
47 Poochyena Darkness-attack.png Common
48 Mightyena Darkness-attack.png Rare Holo
49 Aron Metal-attack.png Uncommon
50 Lairon Metal-attack.png Rare
51 Aggron Metal-attack.png Rare Holo
52 PokéNav T Uncommon
53 Lady Outing T Uncommon
54 Professor Birch T Uncommon
55 Oran Berry T Rare
-- Grass Energy E --
-- Fire Energy E --
-- Water Energy E --
-- Lightning Energy E --
-- Psychic Energy E --
-- Fighting Energy E --
-- Darkness Energy E --
-- Metal Energy E --
-- Rainbow Energy E --

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