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Expedition Base Set
Cartes en el set English: 165
Japanese: 128
Set number English: 13
Japanese: 13
Data de lliurament English: 15 de novembre del 2002
Japanese: 1 de desembre del 2001
Manolls Temàtics Echo (PsychicColorless)
Electric Garden (GrassLightning)
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Base Booster Pack 1
e-Card 2
e-Card 3

Expedition Base Set (en japonès: 第1弾基本拡張パック Base Booster Pack 1) és el nom donat a la primera expansió de cartes de l'era e-Card del Trading Card Game, la amb l'introducció de diverses noves mecàniques de joc. Va ser la primera sèrie per sent compatible amb perifèric e-Reader de Nintendo.


Expedition Base Set va ser la tercera expansió bàsica a ser llançada als territoris de parla anglesa després del Set Bàsic i el Set Bàsic 2, i va ser també l'expansió més extensa llançada fins a eixe moment (un títol anteriorment en mans del set Bàsic 2, amb 130 cartes). Molts aspectes de l'expansió es difereixen molt d'expansions anteriors, més notablement el disseny de la carta, amb les vores de l'esquerra i la part inferior augmentades de mida a causa d'inclusió d'una nova tecnologia de codi per punts per al seu ús amb la Nintendo e-Reader. En utilitzar el dispositiu, players were about to view Pokédex data about the Pokémon, play a minigame, play various tunes in a Melody Box, or activate a special attack for that Pokémon. These special attacks were not legal for use in tournament play as few competitors used e-Readers. As well as this, in the Unlimited Format used by Pokémon Organized Play, electronic devices such as the e-Reader are not allowed on the table.

The new card design also meant that Pokémon cards lacked Pokédex data and flavor text (Length, Weight, Level and Pokédex entry, information which is stored in the dot code along the bottom of the card), information which would not be seen on cards again for four years with the release of Diamond & Pearl. This absence, in the Unlimited Format, caused (and still causes) problems when using the Blaine's Quiz #1 Trainer card. Lack of level also meant that each Pokémon card included a unique ID number in order for the e-Reader to distinguish each card with the same name in a way other than by level.

Expedition also introduced a long-term game mechanic, one of the most important in gameplay: the division of Pokémon Powers into Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies. Poké-Powers required activation to use, whereas Poké-Bodies were always active unless blocked by a specific card. It was only after the introduction of Abilities in Plantilla:Game that the two separate types of Pokémon Powers (mainly Poké-Bodies) became considerably more useful and important.

Expedition could have been released in May 2002; however, it was delayed until August to ensure the e-Reader was released before the set. Further issues delayed it again until September. It was further delayed in Europe in order for the e-Reader to be released before it; however, the e-Reader did not see release in Europe, and the set was eventually released in April 2003.


  • Because of the extra licensing fees Wizards had to pay to use Dot-Code technology, the pack size was reduced from 11 to 9; which remained the same for almost five years, even though the Dot-Code technology was dropped in 2004. The pack size would eventually increase to 10 with the release of Diamond & Pearl. Collectors could also find one reverse-holographic in every pack, meaning each pack contained: -
    • 5 Common cards
    • 2 Uncommon cards
    • 1 Reverse-holographic card
    • 1 Non-holographic or holographic rare card
  • While it was thought Wizards were up to their old tradition of duplicating the rare cards in this set, it was actually MediaFactory this time; Wizards simply translated the set. The reason for this was that some rare cards had Dot-Code data, therefore they made non-holographic versions with the data and holographic versions without. This avoided potentially damaging sought-after rare cards when swiped through the e-Reader.
  • Expedition was the first set Wizards produced that didn't have a 1st Edition print run.
  • Expedition once again featured Reverse-holographic cards, but the design was changed from the "wheel" treatment (which was reminiscent of European fake holographic designs) to a plain "refractor" design. They are more "official" looking than the ones found in Legendary Collection. One problem brought to Wizard's attention was that both the holographic and non-holographic rare cards had identical reverse-holographic counterparts (apart from the card number). Wizards rectified this in Aquapolis by numbering the holographic cards differently and not producing reverse-holographics for them.
  • Box toppers once again appeared in this set. Like Legendary Collection, they are jumbo cards (therefore not tournament legal). Unlike Legendary Collection and the EX series, the box toppers were part of a sub-set (the cards numbered ##/12). The first 4 appeared in this set, the other 8 were released in Aquapolis and Skyridge respectively.
  • This set was previously known as New Dimension, but since its initials were ND (the same as Neo Discovery and Neo Destiny), the name was changed.

Manolls temàticsEdit

Manolls temàtics anglesosEdit

Manolls temàtics japonesosEdit

Llista de cartesEdit

Expansió anglesaEdit

Nom de la carta Tipus Raresa
1 Alakazam Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo
2 Ampharos Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo
3 Arbok Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
4 Blastoise Water-attack.png Rare Holo
5 Butterfree Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
6 Charizard Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
7 Clefable Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
8 Cloyster Water-attack.png Rare Holo
9 Dragonite Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
10 Dugtrio Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo
11 Fearow Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
12 Feraligatr Water-attack.png Rare Holo
13 Gengar Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo
14 Golem Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo
15 Kingler Water-attack.png Rare Holo
16 Machamp Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo
17 Magby Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
18 Meganium Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
19 Mew Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo
20 Mewtwo Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo
21 Ninetales Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
22 Pichu Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo
23 Pidgeot Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
24 Poliwrath Water-attack.png Rare Holo
25 Raichu Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo
26 Rapidash Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
27 Skarmory Metal-attack.png Rare Holo
28 Typhlosion Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
29 Tyranitar Darkness-attack.png Rare Holo
30 Venusaur Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
31 Vileplume Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
32 Weezing Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
33 Alakazam Psychic-attack.png Rare
34 Ampharos Lightning-attack.png Rare
35 Arbok Grass-attack.png Rare
36 Blastoise Water-attack.png Rare
37 Blastoise Water-attack.png Rare
38 Butterfree Grass-attack.png Rare
39 Charizard Fire-attack.png Rare
40 Charizard Fire-attack.png Rare
41 Clefable Colorless-attack.png Rare
42 Cloyster Water-attack.png Rare
43 Dragonite Colorless-attack.png Rare
44 Dugtrio Fighting-attack.png Rare
45 Fearow Colorless-attack.png Rare
46 Feraligatr Water-attack.png Rare
47 Feraligatr Water-attack.png Rare
48 Gengar Psychic-attack.png Rare
49 Golem Fighting-attack.png Rare
50 Kingler Water-attack.png Rare
51 Machamp Fighting-attack.png Rare
52 Magby Fire-attack.png Rare
53 Meganium Grass-attack.png Rare
54 Meganium Grass-attack.png Rare
55 Mew Psychic-attack.png Rare
56 Mewtwo Psychic-attack.png Rare
57 Ninetales Fire-attack.png Rare
58 Pichu Lightning-attack.png Rare
59 Pidgeot Colorless-attack.png Rare
60 Poliwrath Water-attack.png Rare
61 Raichu Lightning-attack.png Rare
62 Rapidash Fire-attack.png Rare
63 Skarmory Metal-attack.png Rare
64 Typhlosion Fire-attack.png Rare
65 Typhlosion Fire-attack.png Rare
66 Tyranitar Darkness-attack.png Rare
67 Venusaur Grass-attack.png Rare
68 Venusaur Grass-attack.png Rare
69 Vileplume Grass-attack.png Rare
70 Weezing Grass-attack.png Rare
71 Bayleef Grass-attack.png Uncommon
72 Chansey Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
73 Charmeleon Fire-attack.png Uncommon
74 Croconaw Water-attack.png Uncommon
75 Dragonair Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
76 Electabuzz Lightning-attack.png Uncommon
77 Flaaffy Lightning-attack.png Uncommon
78 Gloom Grass-attack.png Uncommon
79 Graveler Fighting-attack.png Uncommon
80 Haunter Psychic-attack.png Uncommon
81 Hitmonlee Fighting-attack.png Uncommon
82 Ivysaur Grass-attack.png Uncommon
83 Jynx Water-attack.png Uncommon
84 Kadabra Psychic-attack.png Uncommon
85 Machoke Fighting-attack.png Uncommon
86 Magmar Fire-attack.png Uncommon
87 Metapod Grass-attack.png Uncommon
88 Pidgeotto Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
89 Poliwhirl Water-attack.png Uncommon
90 Pupitar Fighting-attack.png Uncommon
91 Quilava Fire-attack.png Uncommon
92 Wartortle Water-attack.png Uncommon
93 Abra Psychic-attack.png Common
94 Bulbasaur Grass-attack.png Common
95 Bulbasaur Grass-attack.png Common
96 Caterpie Grass-attack.png Common
97 Charmander Fire-attack.png Common
98 Charmander Fire-attack.png Common
99 Chikorita Grass-attack.png Common
100 Chikorita Grass-attack.png Common
101 Clefairy Colorless-attack.png Common
102 Corsola Water-attack.png Common
103 Cubone Fighting-attack.png Common
104 Cyndaquil Fire-attack.png Common
105 Cyndaquil Fire-attack.png Common
106 Diglett Fighting-attack.png Common
107 Dratini Colorless-attack.png Common
108 Ekans Grass-attack.png Common
109 Gastly Psychic-attack.png Common
110 Geodude Fighting-attack.png Common
111 Goldeen Water-attack.png Common
112 Hoppip Grass-attack.png Common
113 Houndour Darkness-attack.png Common
114 Koffing Grass-attack.png Common
115 Krabby Water-attack.png Common
116 Larvitar Fighting-attack.png Common
117 Machop Fighting-attack.png Common
118 Magikarp Water-attack.png Common
119 Mareep Lightning-attack.png Common
120 Marill Water-attack.png Common
121 Meowth Colorless-attack.png Common
122 Oddish Grass-attack.png Common
123 Pidgey Colorless-attack.png Common
124 Pikachu Lightning-attack.png Common
125 Poliwag Water-attack.png Common
126 Ponyta Fire-attack.png Common
127 Qwilfish Water-attack.png Common
128 Rattata Colorless-attack.png Common
129 Shellder Water-attack.png Common
130 Spearow Colorless-attack.png Common
131 Squirtle Water-attack.png Common
132 Squirtle Water-attack.png Common
133 Tauros Colorless-attack.png Common
134 Totodile Water-attack.png Common
135 Totodile Water-attack.png Common
136 Vulpix Fire-attack.png Common
137 Bill's Maintenance T Uncommon
138 Copycat T Uncommon
139 Dual Ball T Uncommon
140 Energy Removal 2 T Uncommon
141 Energy Restore T Uncommon
142 Mary's Impulse T Uncommon
143 Master Ball T Uncommon
144 Multi Technical Machine 01 T Uncommon
145 Pokémon Nurse T Uncommon
146 Pokémon Reversal T Uncommon
147 Power Charge T Uncommon
148 Professor Elm's Training Method T Uncommon
149 Professor Oak's Research T Uncommon
150 Strength Charm T Uncommon
151 Super Scoop Up T Uncommon
152 Warp Point T Uncommon
153 Energy Search T Common
154 Full Heal T Common
155 Moo-Moo Milk T Common
156 Potion T Common
157 Switch T Common
158 Darkness Energy E Rare
159 Metal Energy E Rare
160 Fighting Energy E --
161 Fire Energy E --
162 Grass Energy E --
163 Lightning Energy E --
164 Psychic Energy E --
165 Water Energy E --

Box Toppers subsetEdit

No. Card Name Type Rarity
1 Alakazam Psychic-attack.png (H)
2 Feraligatr Water-attack.png (H)
3 Tyranitar Darkness-attack.png (H)
4 Venusaur Grass-attack.png (H)

Expansió japonesaEdit

Nom de la carta Tipus Raresa
1 Koffing Grass-attack.png Common
2 Hoppip Grass-attack.png Common
3 Caterpie Grass-attack.png Common
4 Ekans Grass-attack.png Common
5 Oddish Grass-attack.png Common
6 Vulpix Fire-attack.png Common
7 Ponyta Fire-attack.png Common
8 Poliwag Water-attack.png Common
9 Shellder Water-attack.png Common
10 Krabby Water-attack.png Common
11 Goldeen Water-attack.png Common
12 Magikarp Water-attack.png Common
13 Marill Water-attack.png Common
14 Qwilfish Water-attack.png Common
15 Corsola Water-attack.png Common
16 Pikachu Lightning-attack.png Common
17 Mareep Lightning-attack.png Common
18 Abra Psychic-attack.png Common
19 Gastly Psychic-attack.png Common
20 Diglett Fighting-attack.png Common
21 Machop Fighting-attack.png Common
22 Geodude Fighting-attack.png Common
23 Cubone Fighting-attack.png Common
24 Larvitar Fighting-attack.png Common
25 Pidgey Colorless-attack.png Common
26 Rattata Colorless-attack.png Common
27 Spearow Colorless-attack.png Common
28 Clefairy Colorless-attack.png Common
29 Meowth Colorless-attack.png Common
30 Tauros Colorless-attack.png Common
31 Dratini Colorless-attack.png Common
32 Houndour Darkness-attack.png Common
33 Metapod Grass-attack.png Uncommon
34 Gloom Grass-attack.png Uncommon
35 Magmar Fire-attack.png Uncommon
36 Poliwhirl Water-attack.png Uncommon
37 Jynx Water-attack.png Uncommon
38 Electabuzz Lightning-attack.png Uncommon
39 Flaaffy Lightning-attack.png Uncommon
40 Kadabra Psychic-attack.png Uncommon
41 Haunter Psychic-attack.png Uncommon
42 Machoke Fighting-attack.png Uncommon
43 Graveler Fighting-attack.png Uncommon
44 Hitmonlee Fighting-attack.png Uncommon
45 Pupitar Fighting-attack.png Uncommon
46 Pidgeotto Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
47 Chansey Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
48 Dragonair Colorless-attack.png Uncommon
49 Professor Elm's Training Method T Uncommon
50 Energy Search T Uncommon
51 Power Charge T Uncommon
52 Energy Removal T Uncommon
53 Professor Oak's Research T Uncommon
54 Mary's Impulse T Uncommon
55 Super Scoop Up T Uncommon
56 Strength Charm T Uncommon
57 Dual Ball T Uncommon
58 Pokémon Nurse T Uncommon
59 Energy Restore T Uncommon
60 Bill's Maintenance T Uncommon
61 Master Ball T Uncommon
62 Multi Technical Machine 01 T Uncommon
63 Copycat T Uncommon
64 Warp Point T Uncommon
65 Venusaur Grass-attack.png Rare
66 Butterfree Grass-attack.png Rare
67 Arbok Grass-attack.png Rare
68 Vileplume Grass-attack.png Rare
69 Weezing Grass-attack.png Rare
70 Meganium Grass-attack.png Rare
71 Charizard Fire-attack.png Rare
72 Ninetales Fire-attack.png Rare
73 Rapidash Fire-attack.png Rare
74 Typhlosion Fire-attack.png Rare
75 Magby Fire-attack.png Rare
76 Blastoise Water-attack.png Rare
77 Poliwrath Water-attack.png Rare
78 Cloyster Water-attack.png Rare
79 Kingler Water-attack.png Rare
80 Feraligatr Water-attack.png Rare
81 Raichu Lightning-attack.png Rare
82 Pichu Lightning-attack.png Rare
83 Ampharos Lightning-attack.png Rare
84 Alakazam Psychic-attack.png Rare
85 Gengar Psychic-attack.png Rare
86 Mewtwo Psychic-attack.png Rare
87 Mew Psychic-attack.png Rare
88 Dugtrio Fighting-attack.png Rare
89 Machamp Fighting-attack.png Rare
90 Golem Fighting-attack.png Rare
91 Pidgeot Colorless-attack.png Rare
92 Fearow Colorless-attack.png Rare
93 Clefable Colorless-attack.png Rare
94 Dragonite Colorless-attack.png Rare
95 Tyranitar Darkness-attack.png Rare
96 Skarmory Metal-attack.png Rare
97 Venusaur Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
98 Butterfree Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
99 Arbok Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
100 Vileplume Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
101 Weezing Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
102 Meganium Grass-attack.png Rare Holo
103 Charizard Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
104 Ninetales Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
105 Rapidash Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
106 Typhlosion Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
107 Magby Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
108 Blastoise Water-attack.png Rare Holo
109 Poliwrath Water-attack.png Rare Holo
110 Cloyster Water-attack.png Rare Holo
111 Kingler Water-attack.png Rare Holo
112 Feraligatr Water-attack.png Rare Holo
113 Raichu Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo
114 Pichu Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo
115 Ampharos Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo
116 Alakazam Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo
117 Gengar Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo
118 Mewtwo Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo
119 Mew Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo
120 Dugtrio Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo
121 Machamp Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo
122 Golem Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo
123 Pidgeot Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
124 Fearow Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
125 Clefable Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
126 Dragonite Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
127 Tyranitar Darkness-attack.png Rare Holo
128 Skarmory Metal-attack.png Rare Holo

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