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Plantilla:TCG Single Set Infobox Pokémon TCG: HS - Unleashed és el nom donat a la segona expansió de cartes de l'era HeartGold & SoulSilver del Trading Card Game.

Informació Edit

  • Pokémon LEGENDs d'aquest set es compon de dos Pokémon diferents rather than having one Pokémon take two cards as in the previous set.

Manolls temàticsEdit

Manolls anglesosEdit

Llista de cartes Edit

Unleashed Edit

No. Card Name Type Rarity
1/95 Jirachi Psychic-attack Rarity Rare Holo
2/95 Magmortar Fire-attack Rarity Rare Holo
3/95 Manaphy Water-attack Rarity Rare Holo
4/95 Metagross Psychic-attack Rarity Rare Holo
5/95 Mismagius Psychic-attack Rarity Rare Holo
6/95 Octillery Water-attack Rarity Rare Holo
7/95 Politoed Water-attack Rarity Rare Holo
8/95 Shaymin Grass-attack Rarity Rare Holo
9/95 Sudowoodo Fighting-attack Rarity Rare Holo
10/95 Torterra Grass-attack Rarity Rare Holo
11/95 Xatu Psychic-attack Rarity Rare Holo
12/95 Beedrill Grass-attack Rarity Rare
13/95 Blastoise Water-attack Rarity Rare
14/95 Crobat Psychic-attack Rarity Rare
15/95 Fearow Colorless-attack Rarity Rare
16/95 Floatzel Water-attack Rarity Rare
17/95 Kingdra Water-attack Rarity Rare
18/95 Lanturn Lightning-attack Rarity Rare
19/95 Lucario Fighting-attack Rarity Rare
20/95 Ninetales Fire-attack Rarity Rare
21/95 Poliwrath Water-attack Rarity Rare
22/95 Primeape Fighting-attack Rarity Rare
23/95 Roserade Grass-attack Rarity Rare
24/95 Steelix Metal-attack Rarity Rare
25/95 Torkoal Fire-attack Rarity Rare
26/95 Tyranitar Darkness-attack Rarity Rare
27/95 Ursaring Colorless-attack Rarity Rare
28/95 Cherrim Grass-attack Rarity Uncommon
29/95 Dunsparce Colorless-attack Rarity Uncommon
30/95 Golbat Psychic-attack Rarity Uncommon
31/95 Grotle Grass-attack Rarity Uncommon
32/95 Kakuna Grass-attack Rarity Uncommon
33/95 Metang Psychic-attack Rarity Uncommon
34/95 Minun Lightning-attack Rarity Uncommon
35/95 Numel Fire-attack Rarity Uncommon
36/95 Plusle Lightning-attack Rarity Uncommon
37/95 Poliwhirl Water-attack Rarity Uncommon
38/95 Pupitar Fighting-attack Rarity Uncommon
39/95 Pupitar Fighting-attack Rarity Uncommon
40/95 Seadra Water-attack Rarity Uncommon
41/95 Tauros Colorless-attack Rarity Uncommon
42/95 Wartortle Water-attack Rarity Uncommon
43/95 Aipom Colorless-attack Rarity Common
44/95 Beldum Psychic-attack Rarity Common
45/95 Buizel Water-attack Rarity Common
46/95 Carnivine Grass-attack Rarity Common
47/95 Cherubi Grass-attack Rarity Common
48/95 Chinchou Lightning-attack Rarity Common
49/95 Horsea Water-attack Rarity Common
50/95 Larvitar Fighting-attack Rarity Common
51/95 Larvitar Fighting-attack Rarity Common
52/95 Magmar Fire-attack Rarity Common
53/95 Mankey Fighting-attack Rarity Common
54/95 Misdreavus Psychic-attack Rarity Common
55/95 Natu Psychic-attack Rarity Common
56/95 Onix Fighting-attack Rarity Common
57/95 Onix Fighting-attack Rarity Common
58/95 Poliwag Water-attack Rarity Common
59/95 Remoraid Water-attack Rarity Common
60/95 Riolu Fighting-attack Rarity Common
61/95 Roselia Grass-attack Rarity Common
62/95 Spearow Colorless-attack Rarity Common
63/95 Squirtle Water-attack Rarity Common
64/95 Stantler Colorless-attack Rarity Common
65/95 Teddiursa Colorless-attack Rarity Common
66/95 Tropius Grass-attack Rarity Common
67/95 Turtwig Grass-attack Rarity Common
68/95 Vulpix Fire-attack Rarity Common
69/95 Weedle Grass-attack Rarity Common
70/95 Zubat Psychic-attack Rarity Common
71/95 Cheerleader's Cheer Su Rarity Uncommon
72/95 Dual Ball T Rarity Uncommon
73/95 Emcee's Chatter Su Rarity Uncommon
74/95 Energy Returner T Rarity Uncommon
75/95 Engineer's Adjustments Su Rarity Uncommon
76/95 Good Rod T Rarity Uncommon
77/95 Interviewer's Questions Su Rarity Uncommon
78/95 Judge Su Rarity Uncommon
79/95 Life Herb T Rarity Uncommon
80/95 PlusPower T Rarity Uncommon
81/95 Pokémon Circulator T Rarity Uncommon
82/95 Rare Candy T Rarity Uncommon
83/95 Super Scoop Up T Rarity Uncommon
84/95 Crobat Psychic-attack Rarity SuperRare Holo
85/95 Kingdra Water-attack Rarity SuperRare Holo
86/95 Lanturn Lightning-attack Rarity SuperRare Holo
87/95 Steelix Metal-attack Rarity SuperRare Holo
88/95 Tyranitar Darkness-attack Rarity SuperRare Holo
89/95 Ursaring Colorless-attack Rarity SuperRare Holo
90/95 Entei & Raikou LEGEND Fire-attackLightning-attack Rarity Rare Holo LEGEND
91/95 Entei & Raikou LEGEND Fire-attackLightning-attack Rarity Rare Holo LEGEND
92/95 Raikou & Suicune LEGEND Lightning-attackWater-attack Rarity Rare Holo LEGEND
93/95 Raikou & Suicune LEGEND Lightning-attackWater-attack Rarity Rare Holo LEGEND
94/95 Suicune & Entei LEGEND Water-attackFire-attack Rarity Rare Holo LEGEND
95/95 Suicune & Entei LEGEND Water-attackFire-attack Rarity Rare Holo LEGEND
TWO Alph Lithograph T Rarity Rare Holo

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