We Are Team Rocket
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Cartes en el set English: 50
Japanese: 50
Set number English: 6
Japanese: 6
Data de lliurament English: N/A
Japanese: N/A
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Sky Flying Pokemon
Team Rocket's Ambition

We Are Team Rocket és una de les vuit expansions trobada en el Pokémon Card GB 2 de Game Boy Color.

Membres del Team Great Rocket a sovint donen sobres quan són derrotats.

Inclou cartes del Set Bàsic, Jungla, Fòssil, Team Rocket i de la Vending Machine collection.

Nom de la carta Tipus Nivell Raresa
G01 Ekans Grass-attack.png 15 Common
G02 Dark Arbok Grass-attack.png 25 Rare HolographicH
G03 Grimer Grass-attack.png 10 Common
G04 Dark Muk Grass-attack.png 25 Uncommon
G05 Scyther Grass-attack.png 25 Rare HolographicH
G06 Charmander Fire-attack.png 9 Common
G07 Dark Charmeleon Fire-attack.png 23 Uncommon
G08 Dark Charizard Fire-attack.png 38 Rare HolographicH
G09 Ponyta Fire-attack.png 15 Common
G10 Dark Rapidash Fire-attack.png 24 Uncommon
G11 Magmar Fire-attack.png 31 Uncommon
G12 Dark Flareon Fire-attack.png 23 Uncommon
G13 Squirtle Water-attack.png 16 Common
G14 Dark Wartortle Water-attack.png 21 Uncommon
G15 Dark Blastoise Water-attack.png 28 Rare HolographicH
G16 Magikarp Water-attack.png 6 Common
G17 Dark Gyarados Water-attack.png 31 Rare HolographicH
G18 Dark Vaporeon Water-attack.png 28 Uncommon
G19 Omanyte Water-attack.png 20 Uncommon
G20 Magnemite Lightning-attack.png 12 Common
G21 Dark Magneton Lightning-attack.png 26 Rare HolographicH
G22 Voltorb Lightning-attack.png 13 Common
G23 Dark Electrode Lightning-attack.png 24 Uncommon
G24 Dark Jolteon Lightning-attack.png 23 Uncommon
G25 Diglett Fighting-attack.png 15 Common
G26 Dark Dugtrio Fighting-attack.png 18 Rare HolographicH
G27 Mankey Fighting-attack.png 14 Common
G28 Dark Primeape Fighting-attack.png 23 Uncommon
G29 Machop Fighting-attack.png 24 Common
G30 Dark Machoke Fighting-attack.png 28 Uncommon
G31 Dark Machamp Fighting-attack.png 30 Rare HolographicH
G32 Kabuto Fighting-attack.png 22 Uncommon
G33 Aerodactyl Fighting-attack.png 28 Rare HolographicH
G34 Abra Psychic-attack.png 14 Common
G35 Dark Kadabra Psychic-attack.png 24 Uncommon
G36 Dark Alakazam Psychic-attack.png 30 Rare HolographicH
G37 Mr. Mime Psychic-attack.png 20 Rare
G38 Jynx Psychic-attack.png 18 Rare
G39 Mewtwo Psychic-attack.png 53 Rare HolographicH
G40 Rattata Colorless-attack.png 12 Common
G41 Dark Raticate Colorless-attack.png 25 Common
G42 Meowth Colorless-attack.png 13 Uncommon
G43 Tauros Colorless-attack.png 32 Uncommon
G44 Eevee Colorless-attack.png 9 Common
G45 Max Revive T - Uncommon
G46 Devolution Spray T - Rare
G47 The Boss's Way T - Uncommon
E08 Potion Energy T - Common
E09 Full Heal Energy T - Common
E10 Rainbow Energy T - Rare

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